Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wooden Memory Family Birthday Calendar

I thought that whilst I have been doing a few Christmas markets and getting ready good feed back on these wooden calendars I make, I would do a post about them here. They have been selling really well and I expect to have to make lots more for the build up to Christmas and new year

So what is it? - I have a few people at Christmas markets that cant quite work out what the calendar is for and move on from the stall if i cant catch them to explain. It essentially a list of all your families / friends important birthdays / anniversaries that you can hang on the wall as a keep sake and always visible. The months of the year run across the top discs and then the birthdays clip under each respective one. Another great thing about the calendar is that a pen is provided with blank discs for you to write your own names on and if a new birthday / anniversary is needed in the future it can be easily added to the respective month.

I had to add one to it already recently for the birth of my niece and for this reason I decided to sell them with blank disks meaning that the writing style / pen colour will be the same throughout the calendar.

The wood I use for the disks is blackthorn, has the natural grain running through them and each one is different and unique.

Link to buy item - 

Wooden Family Birthday Calendar

Above is the calendar - This one is our personal one which is put together and hung up in my dinging room, it was great fun making the calendar and was original done as a craft project seeing different ones online. After cutting, sanding and drying the wood I decided that this has a lot of effort in the making of it and I could see that it would be a great idea to make more and list them on my Etsy shop.

Below are some images of the calendar which comes in two different stenciled names - Family and Birthday and here is way is included in the kit - 

1 x Stenciled, coloured, wooden board made from sanded pallet wood - beewaxed and screw eyes added
12 x larger pre-drilled, natural wood discs for the months of the year
24 x blank, pre-drilled natural wood discs for the birthdays / anniversaries
1 x piece of twine for hanging
24 x bronze jump rings for holding it all together
1 x black ball point pen for writing the names and months on. ( you are welcome to use your own pen but i find that ball point pens don't bleed on the wood and are easy to write with.)

Preparing of the discs from Blackthorn wood

Sanded and drilled

close up of the discs

family, birthday calendar

One with the word birthday written on

close up of wooden birthday calendar

Wooden birthday calendar

Lovely project to make and looks excellent and rustic on the wall 

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