Monday, 25 November 2013

The Digital Woods Does A Christmas Market.

After building some wooden up-cycling furniture I decided to re-invent a wooden calendar I had seen on the internet using some of the blackthorn wood and pallet to offer some rustic uniqueness to it.

The product I listed with a couple of other blackthorn decorations I made and I sold a couple straight away!
Upon selling a few and getting the bug for earning money making these items I decided to attend a local 
Christmas market and paid for a stall for 2 days. Overall the event was success full, I spent a few weeks making some Calendars above, some children's wooden pallet trays and some wooden decorations.

picture of me setting up for TheDigitalWoods first Christmas Market.

I created some business cards to take, handed out loads and sold some products which helped cover the costs of the event.

I enjoyed the market experience and have since lined up two more Christmas craft fairs for the next couple of weeks. You can find my Christmas gifts for sale here -

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