Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Texturing the Hobbit Style Pub.

With the outdoor lighting set up I have began to apply some textures to the building from my past resources and make some new ones in Photoshop. From the beginning of the project I set up a render cam so that all progression images can be from the same position. This cam will be used for the final outdoor render.

Applying the textures has been easy, the work with the UV mapping make the only hard part about this task is matching the same tone of texture and waiting for the long render times. Luckily there is a function in Maya to save the lighting map (final Gather) out and not have it recalculated each render.

Another tip I’ve learnt is that if you know your final image will be e.g. - HD1080 , then you can divide this up 1920 x1080 can be 480 x 270. And rendering final gather at 480x270 resolution doesn’t have cut down the time for the predictions.

The next phase was the apply grass to the building’s roof and two storage walls, for this I have used Maya fur which again takes forever to render. Once I am happy with the fur I will remove this from the render until I am ready for the final output.

This is what I have done so far….

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