Thursday, 25 April 2013

Uv Mapping the hobbit style pub

The last couple of days I have been going through the model and uv mapping everything. For those who don’t know, uv mapping is like sewing, you have to stitch together the edges of the polygons so that when a texture is applied it will wrap around the model. The better the uv layout of the polygon the better the texture will look. I use a checkerboard texture with the us and vs repeated which shows if there is any warping whilst I sew. There is a function in Maya called transfer attribute and this allowed me to duplicate any polygons uvs that were identical. Eg windows and doors. This process is very time consuming but is rather therapeutic and I quite enjoy this part of texturing.

I have spent time building a texture folder from all the random projects I have worked on in the past and will now go through these to see if I have everything I need to texture the pub or whether I need to search the internet and get my camera out.

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