Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lighting the pub

For my last project and in the past I generally texture the object first then move onto lighting, but I have found that when lighting a textured scene you generally need to come in and do a lot of tweaking with textures and working out whether it’s the light rig or the images. I will try it the other way around, get a nice lit scene without any shaders,then I hopefully should know it’s the texture that’s off when applying them…

The lighting has been done with Mental Ray sun and sky and I have tweaked aspects like gamma, secondary bounces, how much light, direction, shadows and smooth quality to allow for as much realism as possible. I am happy with how the lighting is for now and will start to apply the textures.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Uv Mapping the hobbit style pub

The last couple of days I have been going through the model and uv mapping everything. For those who don’t know, uv mapping is like sewing, you have to stitch together the edges of the polygons so that when a texture is applied it will wrap around the model. The better the uv layout of the polygon the better the texture will look. I use a checkerboard texture with the us and vs repeated which shows if there is any warping whilst I sew. There is a function in Maya called transfer attribute and this allowed me to duplicate any polygons uvs that were identical. Eg windows and doors. This process is very time consuming but is rather therapeutic and I quite enjoy this part of texturing.

I have spent time building a texture folder from all the random projects I have worked on in the past and will now go through these to see if I have everything I need to texture the pub or whether I need to search the internet and get my camera out.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Rugs, radiators and the bar

A few more items added to the pub yesterday and today. I have also been doing a lot of research into foundations and central heating for the pub, but I am not sure if I am going to take this project that far. The idea is to have the log burner connected to the radiators and boiler. Possibly having underfloor heating too.

I may add this all at a later date or for another project, but I want to push on with what I wanted to achieve for my showreel.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Extending the Roof

After a busy bank holiday weekend spending time with my fiancé and boy, I got back into modelling more of the house yesterday afternoon.

I did a quick render test with maya fur grass applied to the roof and floor and realised that I would need to add to the building structure. The initial idea was to have the pub inside a hill and this would be quite easy to achieve if I wasn’t trying to be realistic with the build. I could simply build a hill and extrude into it for the house but I want this to be something that could be built in the future and not be an unrealistic / overly expensive idea; after all, not everyone has a spare hill in their back garden they can dig into.

So I added to the shape of the building, bringing down the sides and finding new uses for the space they created. On the right of the building there will be a log store hidden from the front by the same grass to cover the roof and accessible from round the back and via the fire door in the games room. The left hand side of the building will be identical in its structure to the right but be a storage unit and hold any utility equipment.

In creating these spaces I realised that the whole roof structure would need to be reinforced with some more supports, both across the width and depth of the building to allow somebody to maintain the grass etc. It should be strong enough now for someone to walk up the side of the log store and straight on the roof of the building as if they were walking over a hill…

I modelled the spot lights for inside, my brother had said that he would like the inside of the pub to have an old Irish pub crossed with hobbit feel about it spots should allow for the correct mood lighting throughout and could be individually switched on and off and rotated to suit.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, keep updated on this project by hitting follow me or adding your email to this page, mobile users will need to scroll to the bottom and click the link to view as full site first.