Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Timber work structure.

The structure of the timber work took lots of time, mainly because ive never really thought about architecture and whats above the ceiling before. I thought back to wood work classes at school and building frames and wandered into a nearby barn which roughly is the same size. The barn was built in 1930s our landlord told me and the frame is a little outdated but still standing strong.

I got to work first building the outer support posts and then the central beams. I imagined the timber used and the cuts through to support the different pieces. I looked at curved supports and how these would fix.

I am confident that once the foundations are dug that this would be a very strong structure. However I keep tweaking parts and I am listening to any advice out there that tells me something is missing or needed.

Next to lay the ceiling panels, roof and build the log burner, flue and chimney

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