Friday, 22 March 2013


Since leaving university I have been working hard on a few different ideas, whilst applying for jobs in the animation industry, the hardest thing I have learnt about being self-employed is that money just doesn’t appear for your work. I expected to be able to pick up free lance work or sell prints I’ve already done on the internet and it would expand and take off. Although I believe in my work I needed a new look at things –

Am I going to be able to support my family from selling prints and artwork …? No probably not.

Can I create some really unique ideas whilst pushing my knowledge and have these for sale whilst I continue to apply for jobs in my field…? Yes, why not!

I had created a new brand –TheDigitalWoods where I can do nice renders of my work with a paper theme and have them for sale. Maybe one day in the future these will become something big and it can’t hurt to have them for sale.

In creating TheDigitalWoods and trial and testing prints from vista print and ordering frames etc off ebay I stumbled across a website called RedBubble, which I highly recommend. It allows the artist to be creative and sell their work whilst missing out the printing, dealing with the customer directly and posting. I have just started to upload my work and can use this as a portfolio starting place to sell.

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