Friday, 22 March 2013

The hobbit style pub – O’Brien’s

I often have the following conversation with my little brother, almost weekly!

“Stu I am winning the lottery this Friday, 80million roll over, I’m going to buy a big house with a garden and in the garden I am having a pub!”

This conversation with some variation is a common conversational topic between us, we both love real ale and world beers and both enjoy the idea of running a pub for family events and a place to just escape for time to time and relax, be a man, Playstation, football games, drink!

Then a couple of weeks ago my brother calls and says – “ I am winning the lottery this Friday…etc, etc…. and I want to commission you to build this bar, but now I’ve been watching lord of the rings and I want it to be like Bilbo Baggins hobbit house with a twist of an Irish bar with my own input.

I started thinking about the house I built and rendered at uni and how it was good to showcase this kind of skill on my showreel so I humoured him and we are building his ideas for this pub in 3D. He is like the client and already three weeks in he has hung up, shouted, call off the project, loved it and hated the progress so I guess this is good practice in all aspects.

The hobbit / Irish pub he has called O’Brien’s, blueprints I made up are below and I will post the development of the project on here. What Has been discussed in our talks and his research folder he has sent me is that it will have the following – a roof to look like its built into a hill, a bar you can stand behind, toilets, cellar, games room, circular doors and window, stone floor and floorboards and maybe a pool table, flat screen TV, couches and somewhere to sit and have a big family meal.

Stay tuned…

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