Friday, 29 March 2013

Adding some more props too hobbit style pub - O'Brien's

Yesterday was a day of tweaking some of the model, creating the fence, stepping stones, 3 seater recliner and the surround for the log burner.

I am close to finishing the model stage of this project, I need to add some spot lights inside, a rug or two, some more garden features and a few pictures / ornaments which will give a bit more life to the over all render and a few radiators that would run off the log burner.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wood burner and roof.

Yesterday I created the log burner and chimney for the pub. The burner was pretty cool to model from the reference pictures I found. Looking at how the chimney comes through the ceiling I will need to add a few layers to the roof space to accommodate.

Next I'm going to create the fire place for the burner, wood store box and outside the front of the bar my brother is wanting a picket fence surrounding it.

Timber work structure.

The structure of the timber work took lots of time, mainly because ive never really thought about architecture and whats above the ceiling before. I thought back to wood work classes at school and building frames and wandered into a nearby barn which roughly is the same size. The barn was built in 1930s our landlord told me and the frame is a little outdated but still standing strong.

I got to work first building the outer support posts and then the central beams. I imagined the timber used and the cuts through to support the different pieces. I looked at curved supports and how these would fix.

I am confident that once the foundations are dug that this would be a very strong structure. However I keep tweaking parts and I am listening to any advice out there that tells me something is missing or needed.

Next to lay the ceiling panels, roof and build the log burner, flue and chimney

Monday, 25 March 2013

Furniture building for hobbit pub.

Today I have spent time building different items for inside the bar. My brother said he would like a booth and a tv cabinet designing. And some tests on the floor going down. I've added a sink unit to both the bathroom and cellar and a dishwasher.

The cabinet will have space for dvds, games, satellite box, playstation, Xbox etc,  have a long floor front speaker - left, right floor - left, right top and left, right rear. The booth should seat up to 8/9 people.

I will continue to add more fixtures and fittings and think about how the roof will form. I expect to have to do a lot of research on timber roof structures, as this is an area I know nothing about

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Deciding on the bar.

My brother sent me some research photos of different bars he liked, after I imported a bar I'd already built for another project. The bar I had built already he wasn't keen on so I loosely modelled a squared one he'd seen on the internet. The bar has two fridges space for a real ale pump, glass space all around the top and lots of bottle and optic space at the back.

Another idea is to use old fashioned beer barrels, fitted with a leather seat as bar stools. They are a little hi-res at the moment so need to adjust this and resize.

Projects moving forward nicely!

Hobbits Circular windows

The idea for the windows in the pub was that they would open on the diameter and not like a regular window. I thought it would be straight forward but in first creating this in maya it didn't seem to technically work. The window would either leave a gap in the seal or scrape the frame upon opening and closing.

I could find little on the internet in regards to how this would / has worked before, so decided to design something that would work. Maybe it's too complicated or maybe it's well made, but either way it fundamentally works so it's going in.

Next on the list is to design the pubs bar.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Blocking out the shapes.

My first approach for this project is it import the blueprint into Maya expand so that one Maya unit is 1 foot and then start to block out the main shapes of the building and rooms, from here I worked on the circular doors and windows. It is surprising how much time I have spent looking on the internet for size measurements on walls, windows, doors, ceilings, floorboards and converting everything to feet.

One thing that I want to maintain with this project is that rather than just push polygons together so it looks about right, is that it is right! I want the place I build not only be an idea but is a realistic build from an architectural view point. Almost to the place where you could sit down with this CAD file and say these are the materials we need and these are the sizes... too far? Probably but this preciseness is giving so much care over the project and I’m enjoying it!

The hobbit style pub – O’Brien’s

I often have the following conversation with my little brother, almost weekly!

“Stu I am winning the lottery this Friday, 80million roll over, I’m going to buy a big house with a garden and in the garden I am having a pub!”

This conversation with some variation is a common conversational topic between us, we both love real ale and world beers and both enjoy the idea of running a pub for family events and a place to just escape for time to time and relax, be a man, Playstation, football games, drink!

Then a couple of weeks ago my brother calls and says – “ I am winning the lottery this Friday…etc, etc…. and I want to commission you to build this bar, but now I’ve been watching lord of the rings and I want it to be like Bilbo Baggins hobbit house with a twist of an Irish bar with my own input.

I started thinking about the house I built and rendered at uni and how it was good to showcase this kind of skill on my showreel so I humoured him and we are building his ideas for this pub in 3D. He is like the client and already three weeks in he has hung up, shouted, call off the project, loved it and hated the progress so I guess this is good practice in all aspects.

The hobbit / Irish pub he has called O’Brien’s, blueprints I made up are below and I will post the development of the project on here. What Has been discussed in our talks and his research folder he has sent me is that it will have the following – a roof to look like its built into a hill, a bar you can stand behind, toilets, cellar, games room, circular doors and window, stone floor and floorboards and maybe a pool table, flat screen TV, couches and somewhere to sit and have a big family meal.

Stay tuned…

Some new children’s nursery Prints for sale

For the last few months I have been working on some new anaglyph 3D prints for the TheDigitalWoods with a children’s nursery rhyme theme. The first two are available for sale on my red bubble site. The idea came from wanting to create something more with 3D whilst having a new appeal to it.

The first print is Incy Wincy Spider and whilst wearing old retro red and cyan glasses the spider will appear off the page with the water and opening of the drain pipe with the sun and clouds in the background adding a depth to the image.

The next one is Humpty Dumpy where Humpty and the immediate wall he is sat on appear off the page, with the clouds in the back ground adding further depth.

I hope they sell well, I am currently working on further additions to this range, Twinkle, twinkle is almost complete.


Since leaving university I have been working hard on a few different ideas, whilst applying for jobs in the animation industry, the hardest thing I have learnt about being self-employed is that money just doesn’t appear for your work. I expected to be able to pick up free lance work or sell prints I’ve already done on the internet and it would expand and take off. Although I believe in my work I needed a new look at things –

Am I going to be able to support my family from selling prints and artwork …? No probably not.

Can I create some really unique ideas whilst pushing my knowledge and have these for sale whilst I continue to apply for jobs in my field…? Yes, why not!

I had created a new brand –TheDigitalWoods where I can do nice renders of my work with a paper theme and have them for sale. Maybe one day in the future these will become something big and it can’t hurt to have them for sale.

In creating TheDigitalWoods and trial and testing prints from vista print and ordering frames etc off ebay I stumbled across a website called RedBubble, which I highly recommend. It allows the artist to be creative and sell their work whilst missing out the printing, dealing with the customer directly and posting. I have just started to upload my work and can use this as a portfolio starting place to sell.