Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Reflection on Red Project

T he piece is now completed and looking back on the last 6months I am happy with how it has turned out.

The issues I solved along the way from grit and determination and hours of trial, error, googling and coffee drinking was made worth it. I have discovered a new style of animation and modelling as well as developing a rig from scratch which is something I can translate into other projects in the future. I think about that paper origami animation and the paper fox project that I saw in Feb and how this helped me shape the project - it would have been a different look all together if it wasn't for this and Tammy's drawings on the characters or Jon's footage of Heg.

The lessons I can take from this project is to not try and do everything myself, in the future I will take more help on board knowing that ideas and team collaboration lead to faster work flow and creativeness outside my own mind.

I think that working for a studio or free lancing will require this approach and that I now have the right mind to accept these and use them to any new projects advantage.

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