Friday, 25 May 2012

Stuart Taylor 3D Animation - Red by Heg Doughty [Official Music Video]

T odays the day when Red gets released to the world. I am very happy with the overall outcome of the video and delighted with the help and support of those involved in the making of it.

A poster has been created for this years degree show to promote the work and thank those involved.

Footage by Jon Nobbs Red - written and performed by Heg Doughty Red - recorded by Ray Hendriksen and Adam Loveday Edwards Character concept artist Tammy Daniels Assistant modeller Tom Wilsdon Storyboard artist Derek Woodmass Special thanks Georgii Innes

Poster for the degree show

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Reflection on Red Project

T he piece is now completed and looking back on the last 6months I am happy with how it has turned out.

The issues I solved along the way from grit and determination and hours of trial, error, googling and coffee drinking was made worth it. I have discovered a new style of animation and modelling as well as developing a rig from scratch which is something I can translate into other projects in the future. I think about that paper origami animation and the paper fox project that I saw in Feb and how this helped me shape the project - it would have been a different look all together if it wasn't for this and Tammy's drawings on the characters or Jon's footage of Heg.

The lessons I can take from this project is to not try and do everything myself, in the future I will take more help on board knowing that ideas and team collaboration lead to faster work flow and creativeness outside my own mind.

I think that working for a studio or free lancing will require this approach and that I now have the right mind to accept these and use them to any new projects advantage.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mini Print, CV Competition and Compositing

I have been ridiculously busy for over the last week working on a few things for the final degree show, FMX and the Red video.

The Red video is in its final compositing stages and I hope to have this finished to take with me to FMX. I am currently looking into how to make people aware of the video and enter it into some competitions.

I have had 4 different limited addition prints made up for the Mini Print festival here in Staffordshire in June of Little Red and the wolf. Two of these are 3D stereoscopic prints which will be sold with the glasses.

Keeping in with the theme of stereoscopic and the Red project I have entered my CV into the university creative CV competition which the winner gets a new I Pad!!

I am really excited about the Red Video completion and I am making a short list of company's and magazines whom maybe interested in writing a piece on this video.

Here a couple of images from the last week.
Heg and the Wolf

Selection of prints for sale

Friday, 4 May 2012

Student 3D animation Showreel 2012

T oday I have finished compositing my final year of University's Showreel. The reel I am taking to FMX next week where I hope to meet some interesting people and do some networking.

I have received excellent news that the music video Red has been printed onto one of the Staffordshire University banners so if you are going then please look out for it.

Here is the reel - both on You Tube and Vimeo I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dolly Peg's Vintage - Blog Start

M y mother came to visit me last week and we discussed her ideas for her webpage and what she would like to ultimately get out of it. She had originally wanted some online presence with the shop and educate people on the history of the clothes and memorabilia. She didn't want to sell her items or advertise them for sale and she explained how she liked giving them new homes and helping out events and fashion shows.

The more we talked about her future and what she was doing with the her charity the sunshine village in Egypt the more she realised that she needed to sell her items to give them new homes and make some money so she could go and visit Egypt more often.

With that we brainstormed on what the site could look like, what different tabs she would need for her items and the style and the look of the site. She now wanted a jukebox style page as someone had offered her one for her shop and linked to her Facebook page as well as affiliate with other places like Reddish Mill and the sunshine project.

The idea is for her to upload the item she owns, a brief history of what it is and where it came from and a link to contact her in regards to viewing or purchasing the item.

 I will start off the uploads and give her a tutorial on how to maintain the site and upload even from her mobile phone.

Below are a few images, I built the jukebox in Maya, textured and took a render, it hasn't added a great deal to the look, but allowed me to play with the lighting to recreate the image.

Built the JukeBox in Maya

Textured in Maya

Final rendered image for website