Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Video Footage Arrived!

T he postman brought me this morning a SD Card with 9GB of video footage for the Red Project courtesy of Jon Nobbs The footage is amazing and the shots and variety that I will have to choose from is fantastic. I will now rework the animation to allow for a few of these shots to fit in.
I am thinking the intro part of the piano before the book opens, the middle part of the song where it changes to the wolf’s perspective and towards the end of the song where Little Red is running through the trees.

 Yesterday I have managed to block in half the animation for the video and with he paper feel I need only tidy up some of the curves to get it how I want.... I hope to finish the animation within the next week and have the time frame luxury of render tests and compositing before FMX.

Here are a variety of shots of Heg singing from the footage taken. 

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