Thursday, 12 April 2012

Red - Shot List

T he character animation has been completed after a few days of little sleep and planning the camera shots, what will be seen and what I can use again. The great part of this animation is when the story reverses and its shown from the wolfs point of view, I have been able to tweak and re-use animation and have it look completely different due to the cameras perspective.

It is coming together now, the list of things to do are -

Animate Vines
Rig and animate the trees
Update Little Reds eyes texture
Work on the lighting of the shots
Split it down into render layers - Shadows, animation and book.
Texture and UV Ditch to fit with the books textures and have it grow with the book at the start.
Fix overlap issues
Playblast all scenes to see how it will look

I will need to look into how best to Credit the people that have helped on parts of the animation.

Enough taking my time up now, I'm off to work on the book!! :)

The Images below are my Camera shots and the details for rendering and whats left to add into them.

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