Saturday, 14 April 2012

Red - Render Tests

H aving completed the animation on the characters I am now looking to light and test the textures in the scenes. I have changed the floor texture as it the natural grass texture was not fitting in with the look and I have been advised by Friend David Cockburn to adjust the contrast on the texture.

The ditch (modelled by Tom Wilsdon) I have integrated into the scene and now grows with the trees at the start of the story. I have UV mapped this and taken it into Photoshop to apply a similar texture as the trees.

I have added trees around the sides of the book that grow at the beginning and will move up during part of a chase scene to face Little Red.

The Ditch the Wolf falls down

Day Version of the Woods

Night Version of the Woods


  1. Looking really good chik!!! cant wait to see it ^_^ xXx

    1. Thanks, there should be the intro up shortly :)