Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Business Cards

T oday whilst I had a free minute, I designed and ordered some business cards to take with me to FMX next month, through Vista Print. I like the straight forward, clean rendered look at the moment, so thought I would bring this across in my card too.

I just need to work on a show reel and packaging now and I will be all set for a fun week.


  1. It looks nice and crisp. The wolf pose looks good, it looks like it is coming on well.

    1. Thanks, It's taken a while to get it looking right but I'm happy enough, I've had a t-shirt printed as it was an extra option haha. Hows yours coming along?

    2. Oh wow, I should get a t-shirt print of my characters Feeble and Clucky! Its coming along slowly. Just 4 more shots left to animate, then inking and colouring and such ugh... But yes, yours looks like it is really starting to come together.

    3. Yeah do it! Its a good conversation starter. I've finished the character animation, just need to light, texture, secondary animation, render and composite. Fun next couple of weeks!