Monday, 23 April 2012

Dolly Peg's Vintage

I have been into university today to discuss possible ideas for external brief projects with tutor Laura Weston.

I have completed the Birmingham CBSO animation and done some modelling for a Stars and Heroes project and now I am looking for another short project to fulfil my external brief criteria. Laura suggested that I build a website/blog for someone that doesn’t know how to do it and would like help promoting themselves. I have chosen a store in Reddish called Dolly Peg's Vintage ran by my mother.

She has sold and worked with 1930's-1960's vintage clothes and accessories for many years and has a real passion with what she is involved in, whether it be selling in the shop, running jumble sales or going to swing and jive dances.

I have spoken to her and she is really excited with the concept and has many ideas for what could be on there, the style and feel of it. As well as the chance to have the maintenance of the site taught to her and traffic to her shop.

The shop is in Houldsworth Mill shopping Centre in Reddish and she is one of the only ones in the Mill that doesn’t have anything online that helps display and sell her items.

I have created her the blog and email address and she has given me a lot of direction to go off to start with. I have asked her for images that she wants displayed and to write about her shop so that the public can see what it is about and where to find her.

So Far

- 1930's style decor
- A candy shop appeal
- Dolly Pegs and buntings (Dolly pegs are old style clothes pegs, I didn’t know this)
- Pale Pinks and Greens
- Old cake stands
- The old power of women feel.

 I have offered to also help her out with a logo for DollyPeg's so that she can have branding and uniqueness due to other Dolly Peg sources on the internet

Here's an image of the type of thing I think she is looking for, but we shall see what material she sends to me and what it is like.

image of a 1930's kitchen by

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stereo Anaglyph Images

I have been researching today on how to make stereo anaglyph images in Maya. I was creating a logo for the prints I am going to create of Red and the Wolf and I thought as old retro style 3D image might look cool.

I have created the logo and some special edition 3D prints, below are some of the images, you'll need the old red and blue 3D glasses to view.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Red - Opening Scene

O pening shot rendered of Red, there were some issues with the shadows top left flickering (which I have resolved by removing the odd frame) and the quality is not as sharp as I expected. This may be using H264 codec but will do some more tests. The rendering took around 10hours to do 700 frames which isn’t too bad as could leave it over night, but with FMX around the corner and the need to use my computer for other projects I may have to compromise and find a setting that works.

I will render the next sequence out tonight and see if the quality is any better now that the camera is inside the book and the textures and light are about to go dark.

Overall I am happy with how it looks and the feel and can’t wait to see how the next bit looks.

Monday, 16 April 2012

CBSO - Competition

T his is the my entry for the CBSO competition, unfortunately I didn't win but I have enjoyed the process and it has made me what to enter more of them.

It took a lot more time to complete the project than I originally thought, as the animation of the ribbons and then complications with twisting, popping of the curves took a lot a of time to inside of Maya to figure out. Although this took time, I have been able to use what I have learnt for my final project when I have animated the vines in the pop up book.

Here is my animation for the CBSO hope you enjoy.

 Looking back on the animation if I stated again I would know how to animate the basics of the ribbons and add more flow and speed to there journey. I would also work more on the camera angles to emphasise this and give the ribbons more personality.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Red - Render Tests

H aving completed the animation on the characters I am now looking to light and test the textures in the scenes. I have changed the floor texture as it the natural grass texture was not fitting in with the look and I have been advised by Friend David Cockburn to adjust the contrast on the texture.

The ditch (modelled by Tom Wilsdon) I have integrated into the scene and now grows with the trees at the start of the story. I have UV mapped this and taken it into Photoshop to apply a similar texture as the trees.

I have added trees around the sides of the book that grow at the beginning and will move up during part of a chase scene to face Little Red.

The Ditch the Wolf falls down

Day Version of the Woods

Night Version of the Woods

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Red - Shot List

T he character animation has been completed after a few days of little sleep and planning the camera shots, what will be seen and what I can use again. The great part of this animation is when the story reverses and its shown from the wolfs point of view, I have been able to tweak and re-use animation and have it look completely different due to the cameras perspective.

It is coming together now, the list of things to do are -

Animate Vines
Rig and animate the trees
Update Little Reds eyes texture
Work on the lighting of the shots
Split it down into render layers - Shadows, animation and book.
Texture and UV Ditch to fit with the books textures and have it grow with the book at the start.
Fix overlap issues
Playblast all scenes to see how it will look

I will need to look into how best to Credit the people that have helped on parts of the animation.

Enough taking my time up now, I'm off to work on the book!! :)

The Images below are my Camera shots and the details for rendering and whats left to add into them.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Business Cards

T oday whilst I had a free minute, I designed and ordered some business cards to take with me to FMX next month, through Vista Print. I like the straight forward, clean rendered look at the moment, so thought I would bring this across in my card too.

I just need to work on a show reel and packaging now and I will be all set for a fun week.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Video Footage Arrived!

T he postman brought me this morning a SD Card with 9GB of video footage for the Red Project courtesy of Jon Nobbs The footage is amazing and the shots and variety that I will have to choose from is fantastic. I will now rework the animation to allow for a few of these shots to fit in.
I am thinking the intro part of the piano before the book opens, the middle part of the song where it changes to the wolf’s perspective and towards the end of the song where Little Red is running through the trees.

 Yesterday I have managed to block in half the animation for the video and with he paper feel I need only tidy up some of the curves to get it how I want.... I hope to finish the animation within the next week and have the time frame luxury of render tests and compositing before FMX.

Here are a variety of shots of Heg singing from the footage taken.