Friday, 30 March 2012

Wolf and Little Red - Textures

I have worked most of the day with painting textures in Photoshop and unfortunately none of them looked as good as the original textures I have used. So I made the decision to keep these textures but bake them all into one file to use on the models.

This should give me a smaller scene file to work with and allow me to go and make changes to the incandescence and other attributes along the way. I have added little red some books and created a cluster control to move these with the arms and allow them to be thrown on the floor when ready. They were then textured with photos of a few old music bilbles Heg sent me and applied to the UV Map.

I have also emailed Lecturer Huw Thomas some renders of little Red and the Wolf in hope of getting them put onto banners for FMX.

Render for FMX

Render for FMX

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