Saturday, 31 March 2012

Red - The New Look!

I 've spent at least 5hours today trying to get the lighting and feel right for this animation and I have made some pretty drastic changes. First of all the scene file was too heavy and kept crashing because of the textures and props in the library. The renders I was managing to get didn’t capture the characters as I’d hoped so I then tried to forget the lighting and work on the animation and this got me frustrated with how it was going to look.

 I kept looking at the promotional renders I have done of the characters and how well they stand out, the feel, appeal and have decided to get rid of the library environment and have this all on a white back ground. The first test render came out amazing and it felt like my hours of hard work this last year had been worth it.

I will have to change some of the shader glows to match the environment and work with the render settings to get a faster render but I am more than happy to render longer for a better outcome. The old style wouldnt render with mental ray and kept crashing, the new style is mental ray renderer, a lot sharper and less blury. I will run all of this by Heg and I welcome and feedback with the new look.

The renders below show the original look in the dark library and the new directional look.

The old Library look-inside the book
The old Library look-frame1

The old Library look-page 1

New Direction Test Shot 1

New Direction Test Shot2 

New Direction Test Shot3 

New Direction Test Shot4 - Will need to work on shader glows

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