Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wolf - Tail Fix

A fter advice from the Rushes panel lectures Tony Smith and Laura Weston on Tuesday, I have altered the wolfs tail to give it more flexibility and allow for some more secondary movement. I have added a set driven key that moves the tail and tail fur all in one go, which should save time when animating. After being hesitant on whether it would have the right paper look for the wolf I am happy now with the adjustment as it allows the wolf to sit down now properly.

Also Heg's camera man Jon Nobbs has shown me the footage he shot of Heg on the piano and is aiming to have this sent to me w/c 2nd April. I have viewed some of the footage and it is nicely stylized and I can’t wait to edit it into the animation.

Some quick render tests of the new adjustment and the wolf sitting.

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