Saturday, 31 March 2012

Red - The New Look!

I 've spent at least 5hours today trying to get the lighting and feel right for this animation and I have made some pretty drastic changes. First of all the scene file was too heavy and kept crashing because of the textures and props in the library. The renders I was managing to get didn’t capture the characters as I’d hoped so I then tried to forget the lighting and work on the animation and this got me frustrated with how it was going to look.

 I kept looking at the promotional renders I have done of the characters and how well they stand out, the feel, appeal and have decided to get rid of the library environment and have this all on a white back ground. The first test render came out amazing and it felt like my hours of hard work this last year had been worth it.

I will have to change some of the shader glows to match the environment and work with the render settings to get a faster render but I am more than happy to render longer for a better outcome. The old style wouldnt render with mental ray and kept crashing, the new style is mental ray renderer, a lot sharper and less blury. I will run all of this by Heg and I welcome and feedback with the new look.

The renders below show the original look in the dark library and the new directional look.

The old Library look-inside the book
The old Library look-frame1

The old Library look-page 1

New Direction Test Shot 1

New Direction Test Shot2 

New Direction Test Shot3 

New Direction Test Shot4 - Will need to work on shader glows

Friday, 30 March 2012

Wolf and Little Red - Textures

I have worked most of the day with painting textures in Photoshop and unfortunately none of them looked as good as the original textures I have used. So I made the decision to keep these textures but bake them all into one file to use on the models.

This should give me a smaller scene file to work with and allow me to go and make changes to the incandescence and other attributes along the way. I have added little red some books and created a cluster control to move these with the arms and allow them to be thrown on the floor when ready. They were then textured with photos of a few old music bilbles Heg sent me and applied to the UV Map.

I have also emailed Lecturer Huw Thomas some renders of little Red and the Wolf in hope of getting them put onto banners for FMX.

Render for FMX

Render for FMX

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Little Red - UV Mapped

H ere are the comparison renders from UV mapping Little Red,  like the wolf  the texture will fit nicely now on to her mesh. I have left her with similar eyes to the wolf but they will have a white paper texture added to them. I kind of like the emptiness of the eyes and after lots of research into paper eyes on the internet I feel that this is the best approach.

I plan to do some Hi-Res renders of them both to try and take to FMX Germany with the music video.

Left Original UV's - Right UV Mapped

Left Original UV's - Right UV Mapped

Left Original UV's - Right UV Mapped

CBSO - Competition Entry Finished

I t took the best part of 2days to render out the images for it but the CBSO competition is now finished and sent off via dropbox to them. I have had an email back from Ruth Green who is collecting the entries and has advised me that the judges are meeting next week to decide the winner. I am happy with the out come of the piece which I have managed to do with limited time and this being the first competition I have entered has taught me a lot with deadlines and compromising with outcomes. The winner will get to go down the Birmingham at the end of April and see there animation on the large screen whilst accompanied by the CBSO. They also get a placement at an award winning studio and an Intro to final cut pro x course. Fingers crossed!!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

CBSO - Render Tests

I have been working on my entery for the CBSO competition today, I have finished the animation and worked hard to ensure I have a nice clean render and light set up. I am concerned about the compositing side of this, as I need to make sure that I hit the timing of the beats.

I just need to playblast the whole animation now and then start rendering, below are a couple of render tests for the piece.

At Full HD they are taking over 2mins so I will be looking to adjust some settings or risk rendering for 90hours.

quick 640x480 render

quick 640x480 render

Full HD render

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wolf - Uv Mapped

T his afternoon I have UV mapped the wolf ready for texturing. The map took a while as I had to make sure that the texture fit under the deformers on the wolf which I missed the first time around. There is only a slight difference on the test shader but you can see from the checked texture that it will make all the difference.

I aim to take the wolfs UV's now into Photoshop and paint a paper texture for him.

UV's Before

UV's After

Texture Before

Texture After

Checkerboard Texture Before

Checkerboard Texture After

Friday, 23 March 2012

Wolf - Eyes

O ne of my biggest concerns over the last few months are the eyes for the characters, I am worried that they will either ruin the model by being to real or not add anything to it leaving it looking blank and unemotional. Here are some tests renders with different eyes in, I am still undecided and will keep experimenting to see what works, Little Red will be tricky too as I want to try and keep them looking aesthetically similar.

favourite one so far, doesnt take away anything from the character

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wolf - Tail Fix

A fter advice from the Rushes panel lectures Tony Smith and Laura Weston on Tuesday, I have altered the wolfs tail to give it more flexibility and allow for some more secondary movement. I have added a set driven key that moves the tail and tail fur all in one go, which should save time when animating. After being hesitant on whether it would have the right paper look for the wolf I am happy now with the adjustment as it allows the wolf to sit down now properly.

Also Heg's camera man Jon Nobbs has shown me the footage he shot of Heg on the piano and is aiming to have this sent to me w/c 2nd April. I have viewed some of the footage and it is nicely stylized and I can’t wait to edit it into the animation.

Some quick render tests of the new adjustment and the wolf sitting.