Monday, 27 February 2012

Little Red - Rig Issues

I have spent the last 2days fixing the rig for little red, when I set out I wanted a clean cluster deformer rig so that I can animate Red like a card/paper object. The issues I had with the last rig is that when Reds clusters were moved they were manipulating the orient of other clusters. I looked at the outliner in Maya and there were far too many transform nodes. So after a lot of internet googling I have managed to gain the cleanest rig I can so far. No transform nodes and everything working in tandem. Next on the list is duplicating her leg and working on adding extras like the hair and books. The over all texture of the character won’t be like it is, they are just to get a feel for the look. I have spent too much time and over shot on my schedule, but have learnt a lot and hopefully will get back on track when it comes to modelling and rigging the wolf.

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