Sunday, 19 February 2012

Little Red Model

O ver the last few days I’ve been playing around with modelling and rigging little red. The first early shots of little red I’ve been trying to get a very low poly character and look like paper. I have realised that the paper look and feel is going to come out in the rig and texture and not just the build up of the model

In this image have been experimenting with N-Cloth to see if I can get Little Red's cloak to hang right on her. I hope to be able to tweak N-Cloth to get a paper feel out of the movement. If it doesn’t work in the animation stage then it will be ok as using N-Cloth has helped minimize the modelling to gain the correct shape easily.

The shape achieved with N-Cloth and then tweaked vertices to have paper cloak and some rough colour texture applied to get a feel for the look.

View from the back of the model. I have decided to delete the faces on half of the model to give it a more bent out of paper look.

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