Friday, 3 February 2012

Help with Concept Art and Character Design

A fter my pitch to the universities second years there was some interest in the concept artwork for Red, which is good as this is the area that I have been struggling with and need help.

I was emailed by Tammy Daniels a link to her work . She had mentioned to me after my pitch that she was interested and thought she could bring something to the project.

I asked Tammy if she could do some initial sketches of Red and use Heg Doughty as reference. Today we met up and she showed me some different designs for the Red character. I particularly liked one that she had textured and drawn to look like it is out of paper. I have asked Tammy if she would like to draw me more of this style and have a go at drawing the wolf for next week.

The following image has been sent to her for some reference on Heg and the length of Reds cape.

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