Saturday, 21 January 2012

So near yet so far away.

My final Semester at university started yesterday with the screenings of other students work from last semester, some good, and some bad. For my final project (Animation Direction) I get to be director, art director and lead animator to the finale of Red.

I will have to ability on this one to work on what I created previously and bring other students from 3D, animation and stop motion across to assist on bringing it to life. In watching everyone’s work I have a good idea on who would make a great asset to my project. I am keen for a storyboard artists help, a character designer and will be looking for assistance with modelling of assets and some animation.

I have a meeting with fellow student Derek Woodmass on Monday PM to discuss possible storyboards, as he is a keen drawer and should help me realise the rest of this sequence.

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