Friday, 27 January 2012

<-------- Reverse Timetable

Worked out a reverse timetable today for Red, I have given my self (marked green) until 23rd April to have it completed. This leaves me with 1week to spare until FMX and then around 2weeks after FMX until the official hand in. I aim to work on some self promotional work and show reel during time.  I have set reasonable targets to reach on a week by week basis and aim to finish these by the start of the new week.

Today I have also started modelling a CGI environment for fellow student Chris Horne's project. I spent a lot of time working out a tricky bit of modelling with buildings arches. (Worked it out in the end :))Chris is looking for a realistic financial district to be the stage of his final piece. In return I have asked Chris to do some concept artwork for Red, however his modelling skills are very good so I may test these with some paper modelling in Maya.

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