Thursday, 26 January 2012

More Thinking...

Today something caught my eye and made my mind race on ideas for the characters, ORIGAMI!! This (image right) by Peter (wonko) Whitehouse, was created out of paper. What a simple and elegant idea for the characters in Maya, and would fit perfectly with the book and song style.


More searches online brought me to a brilliant digital artist-  Jeremy Kool who has been developing 3D characters made to look like paper. The paper Fox project by Jeremy Kool
He is currently creating 3D characters made to look like they are out of paper (image left)

I love this style I also came across this new Intel Video produced my
 New Intel Advert using Maya and Modo to create animated paper.
I will start to scribble some ideas down of my own, but how great would little red look in this style, I have already thought of a way to simply rig them too. Feeling very good about this project now!

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