Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Y esterday I had the opportunity to pitch Red to the 2nd year animation students. The pitch went well and I have had some emails regarding interest in helping already. I showed them all the storyboards, the intro to Red and what type of skills I am looking for to help with my project.

The areas that I have asked for help with are -

Modelling - Some assets for inside the book, trees, grass, bats etc.
Rigging - To rig these assets to move within the bo
Animation - Help animating assets and possibly some inbetweeners for red and the wolf
Concept Art – Some concept artwork and character design of red, the wolf, the book and of assets.

I hope to hear from everyone that is interested and although I may not be able to use everyone, it will be good to see samples of other peoples work for future ideas and collaborations.

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